21 April 2014

Episode 34 of The George Sanders Show Now Available!

Sean wouldn't stop jibber-jabbering about how awesome the new film La última película is, so I broke down and watched it for this episode of The George Sanders Show. Mostly just to get Sean to shut up. It didn't work.

The two of us get back from our vision quest in time to blather on about W. C. Fields's one-of-a-kind feature Never Give a Sucker an Even Break. We also select our Cinemassential Movies-About-Movies, talk up the career of Dennis Hopper, and pick apart the recent Time Out list of the 100 Greatest Animated Films of All Time.

Feedback is welcomed at thegeorgesandersshow[at]gmail[dot]com or @GeoSandersShow.

Next time: Under the Skin & Starman!

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