28 June 2013

Introducing The George Sanders Show!

News flash: writing is for suckers!

While I'm certainly sucker enough to continue typing away on this here sliver of cyberspace -- that is, when I finally get off my duff and start writing again -- I am henceforth diversifying my brand and reaching out to that coveted youth demographic by conquering that hip new technological wonder, podcasting! Yes, that's right, from now until the government finds out that all of my film rants are code for smashing the imperialistic state, I'll be yakking about films with my good pal, Sean Gilman, editor-at-large at the great The End of Cinema blog. We're calling the program The George Sanders Show because, well, we're morons. Each week we'll be discussing two thematically similar features, one old, one newer. We'll also jabber about recent news in the movie world, like how much Mark Wahlberg will be getting paid for voicing a pygmy in an upcoming DreamWorks cartoon, because that's what we live for. The inaugural episode is up now for your discerned palettes. It was recorded in Sean's kitchen which contains more Peanuts memorabilia than is probably healthy. Just setting the scene people.

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You can find more information about upcoming episodes at our shared page, thegeorgesandersshow.blogspot.com We can also be found lurking on the Twitter-sphere at -- excuse me, @GeoSandersShow. I'll post updates here as well when new episodes are released. This is truly some utter piffle.

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